One of our priorities is our Engineers Team, which delivers one of the most important task in the company… Customer Service.

The customer service is essential for NetworkCS, and because of that, we have a certified engineers team to provide the best service to our clients throughout the areas that requires IT solutions.

  • Among the services available in Networkcs are:

    • Maintenance Services (according to customer requirements, after evaluation).
    • Support Services (according to customer requirements, after evaluation).
    • Consultancy Services specialized in networking and communications.
    • Consultancy on network designs.
    • SMARTNET (Direct service with Cisco for replacement parts).
    • SMARTCARE(Service of real-time monitoring with replacement parts directly from Cisco, with integrated support and monitoring)
    • Cabling and Fiber Optic Services
    • Consultancy on software development
    • Network Installation and Configuration Services.