We have a dedicated team in order to integrate IT projects that guarantee the performance for your company.

We know that the quality of service is fundamental for every single client. Therefore the priority to our engineers or any of us is to give such an extraordinary service looking forward that our client is well satisfied.

The use of IT give us the opportunity to develop these strategies through various communication’s solutions that allow us to perform better and increase the productivity of our clients.

We need a technological business vision where we have the opportunity to grow from a conceptual system to architectures validating the features and functionalities of the solution proposed.

Today we speak of converged networks that allow us to carry Video, Voice and Data on the channel.

In addition to networking, businesses require computing infrastructure related to the various areas that are managed within the corporate.

Network Consulting & Services is a company dedicated to integrate IT projects in which involves the need to have a total business communication regarding insfraestructura is concerned, as well as specialized consultancy and certified training courses that helps to reduce the risk on having a poor performance in our client’s infrastructure.

Our Network Consulting & Services team is young people with experienced that is dedicated to provide the best customer service and are committed to acquire  a client-Networkcs team that allow us to deliver comprehensive solutions with a high level of quality and reliability.


The principal objective of NetworkCS is to develop integrated comunication projects with high quality and service in order to give to our clients the confidence necessary to be a business partner.


Consolidate in the telecommunication’s market as a leader business partner, able to meet all customers needs regarding network infrastructure, telecommunications and computing terms.


Listen to our customers to know their infraestructure needs.

Offer to our clients the best consulting service to prepare, plan, design, implement, operate and optimize projects that have to be done through a group of certified engineers in the required technologies, giving customers greater reliability.

Provide the best service support in the technologies offered.